Dinitrol Treatments - Yorkshire Vehicle Rust Prevention Treatments

The Dinitrol treatment starts with a full steam clean of the chassis, axles and underneath the vehicle. The vehicle is then dried completely, any skid plates removed and all masked up ready for the treatment.

The Dinitrol treatment is a rust preventative undersealing product that rather than setting hard as Schutz does, it forms a semi fluid coating that is hard on the surface and slightly fluid underneath. This means that if you scrape the surface the treatment will move to fill the area so providing a continuous covering.

The Dinitrol treatment includes 4 different processes, a rust converter, a cavity wax, the underbody treatment and the stone chip treatment. All areas underneath the vehicle are treated as with the more traditional waxoyl treatment.

The price for carrying out a full Dinitrol treatment depends on the vehicle we are treating. The only time the price will change is if the vehicle comes to us extremely dirty and it takes a long while for us to steam clean the vehicle. Please see below for a number of examples of past vehicles we have treated.

When we do a Dinitrol Treatment we only use Genuine Dinitrol products. 

Please contact us for a quote.

Got a New Car? 

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle? Don't wait until your vehicle is rusty to get your car treated. Be proactive, not reactive and get your vehicle booked in for a Dinitrol Rust Prevention treatment.

Read about a Brand New Toyota Hilux we treated by clicking here.

If you would like to have your vehicle treated or have any questions regarding our rust prevention treatments please don't hesitate to contact us on +44(0)1751 430 693 or email info@trekoverland.com.

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