To help with your ordering process here are some questions and answers we get asked a lot with the connected answers. 

*This will be updated periodically.

Q. Do you ship abroad?

A. Yes we ship worldwide on a daily basis. Our new packaging guidelines should help you work out how much approximately the delivery cost will be.

Q. How can I pay for my items?

A. Through our website, you can pay via card or PayPal. If you are local to us or are coming to have your items fitted, you can pay by cash or card when here at our HQ.

Q. How do I arrange a return?

A. If you are not completely satisfied with your product please contact us to let us know why and we will attempt to resolve the issue. If you would still like to return the item please let us know and post the item back to address found at the bottom of the page.

Q. What is your phone number as I would like to discuss if an item will fit my vehicle?

A. Our phone number is +44(0)1751 430 693

Q. What is the best email address to send an email to?

A. is our email address. Alternatively visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form that is available.

Q. If you are unable to fulfil my order for any reason what will happen?

A. We will let you know why we are unable to fulfil your order. We will also let you know a lead time for that order to be fulfil if at all. It is then up to you on whether or not you would like to wait for your item or if you would like it refunding.

Q. I saw an item at a trade show on your stand but you are now selling it at a higher price, can I purchase it at the lower price?

A. Unfortunately, no. This is most likely a special show price that we had available that was only at that price for the duration of the show. This is the same for any old adverts that you might come across.

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