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We have been supplying Howling Moon tents and awnings for over 15 years to the UK public! Howling Moon are widely known as Africa's Best Tent Manufacturer

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Here's why you should choose Howling Moon;

The Base of the Tent
A composite bonded structure exactly the same as our caravan side wall construction.  The composite construction comprises of a 1 mm aluminium skin on either surface which clads a composite of Pine timber and polystyrene. The construction gives us the edge over our competitors as it gives us a “super light, super strong base with insulation and thermal retention properties.
The Fabric
We only use the best materials with the highest specifications.  Our Polyester/ Cotton blend of fabric woven into a ripstop construction to increase tear and tensile strength. The cotton, a natural fibre, gives us superior thermal and sewing properties, while the Polyester enhances the strength of the fabric. The fabric is pigment coated, giving the end fabric, superior colour fastness to light and weathering. The coating gives the fabric its resistance to UV and heat degradation as well as making exceptionally resistant to fungal attack. Howling Moon specifies a post treatment of fluorocarbon. The coating increases the protection of the fabric to soliage and water ingress through the seams. The fluorocarbon making the fabric exceptionally slippery and promoting water run off and due to this more rapid drying and preventing wetting out of the fabric.
The Design of Howling Moon
Howling Moon have placed major effort into enhancing your experience and making our tents user friendly.  The large aperture windows with zip functional windows is an example of this. The side window insect screens can be zip opened to enhance the viewing while lying in your tent or make for a better photograph. The interior gauze pockets provide ample secure space for reading glasses, car keys, wallets etc.  The 70mm high density mattress used in our Rooftop Tents  and Trailer Tents are far more superior to our competitors, which is so essential in ensuring a peaceful sleep without your hip bottoming out on the base of the tent.
General Material
Howling Moon only uses the highest quality material throughout the tent. All materials used in the base and mechanics of the tent are either anodised aluminium or stainless steel. There is no compromise on this specification ensuring that there are no parts in the tent that will either rust of corrode.
The Howling Moon ladder
Our 2 piece slide ladder is infinitely superior to other manufacturers. It is anodised aluminium with “foot friendly, non slip” rungs. It is strong in construction and has a rating of 140kgs.
(We here at Trek Overland also offer the extension ladder which makes the ladder just that foot or so longer needed for taller vehicles we see a lot of in the UK such as the Land Rover Defender.)
Howling Moon Range
Howling Moon offers the widest range of Rooftop Tents, Trailer Tents, Vehicle Awnings, Dome and Frame Tents and Gazebo’s on the market.
International Reputation
Renowned for their consistent quality backed by continuous support. 

Here's what our customers have said about Howling Moon!

Mr Ewan McConnachie

“We’ve already been camping a few times with it and the tent is brilliant. Almost as easy to put up as the old 1.6m Stargazer we used to have. I can still erect and pack it up myself and takes about 1 minute longer than the smaller tent. My kids love the space inside. It will be with us for many years to come. Thanks very much for all your assistance last year in getting this organized for us.”

Mrs Pam White

“Our Howling Moon Stargazer was brilliant on our long-awaited 4 month trip around Australia - quite a lot of people said how well made it looks and admired the design and how it suited the purpose!”

LowBox Adventures

"Loving our Howling Moon! Cracking bit of kit."


Howling Moon tents have also featured on BBC's Top Gear Series 22 The Last Episode with Clarkson, Hammond and May.


275l of Water Per Minute vs Howling Moon Deluxe


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