Howling Moon Safari Awning

Safari Awnings

The safari side awning by howling moon is a bag type awning which fixes to the side of the vehicle by means of an alumimium mounting beam. (the bag slides onto the extrusion of the beam in a very similar way to an awning on a caravan).

Once the outer cover is unzipped the awning then rolls out and at the far end is an aluminium extrusion which houses the telescopic legs, which drop down to the floor, and telescopic side arms that go back up to the mounting beam on the vehicle.

Once the legs and arms are in the fixed position the awning is incredibly strong and stable with the majority of the weight away from the roof rack.

The legs of the awning have feet with special holes to fix tent pegs (supplied) to secure the legs to the floor and also guy ropes are supplied to add additional rigidity if required (advised for strong winds).

Another great advantage of the howling moon safari side awning is that as the legs are telescopic. This means that in heavy rain there is no requirement to let drop the canvas (unlike the self supporting type). all you need to do is twist to unlock and lower one side to allow the rain to run off. this does not affect the area under the awning and can be carried out whilst the awning walls are in place.

The sides of the awning overhang the side arms by approximately 18cm and they have a velcro strip fixed along their length. This allows for the sides to be fixed to the inside top of the awning to stop any flapping without the walls and also for the top to be velcro’d onto the sides to create a better seal between the sides and the roof.

The wall set is supplied as a standard 3 wall set (front and 2 sides), although an optional rear wall is also available. The side walls attach to the side arms using very strong plastic clips (once clipped on these can be slid along the side arm to position correctly ) As mentioned earlier the top then overlaps the side wall and fixes inn please with a long velcro strip.

The front wall is attached to the front aluminium bar by sliding the top along a special extrusion on the bar (again similar to a caravan awning). and then the front wall zips to each of the side walls (top to bottom).

The optional rear wall is fixed to the mounting beam by sliding it along an extrusion on the bottom of the beam. This wall then wraps around the outsides of the side walls and can be fixed with velcro. the velcro on the rear wall is supplied and fixed in place to the rear wall - however, as this wall is optional the velcro for the side walls although supplied still needs to be fitted.


  • Howling Moon vehicle awnings offer instant protection from the sun and inclement weather.
  • Folds into a zip up waterproof PVC cover.
  • Fits most makes of vehicle rack systems and can fit to standard caravan tent extrusion.
  • Roof made from hard wearing olive ripstop material
  • Folds out and folds away in less than one minute.
  • All aluminium components.
  • Stable in strong winds (additional guy ropes and pegs supplied).
  • Optional front walls and side walls available.
  • Available in various sizes.

    If you would like to discuss which tent would be best for your needs, would like a few questions answering about the tents or would simply like to purchase a Howling Moon tent, please call us on 01751 430693.

    Howling Moon Safari AwningHowling Moon Safari AwningHowling Moon Safari AwningHowling Moon Safari AwningHowling Moon Safari AwningHowling Moon Safari Awning

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