Howling Moon Tourer Tent


The Tourer model of roof top tent is quite possibly the most popular model. With a covered entrance which a bottom annex can be easily attached to, this tent offers you not just a sleeping compartment but also another living area. Still built to the high standards that all Howling Moon products are the Tourer style tent will keep you warm and dry in the most horrid of conditions as well as being able to keep you aired and cooled in the most humid climates.

The attachable bottom room is an optional extra and can be manufactured out of either canvas or nylon depending on which you would prefer. Why not also purchase a Howling Moon Awning to finish off the Howling Moon transformation of your vehicle?




If you would like to discuss which tent would be best for your needs, would like a few questions answering about the tents or would simply like to purchase a Howling Moon tent, please call us on 01751 430693.

 Howling Moon Tourer Roof TentHowling Moon Tourer Roof TentHowling Moon Tourer Roof TentHowling Moon Tourer Roof Tent

Howling Moon Roof TentHowling Moon 2.4m Tourer Roof Tent