Quality clamps for mounting tools and equipment on vehicles since 2003.
The owner, inventor and founder, Don, had been a business colleague since the early 90’s and here in the UK we will be keeping extensive stock of the range of clamps for immediate dispatch.

On buying a $10.00 spade, Don found that there was nothing on the market which could easily and inexpensively hold the spade to the outside of his vehicle; making it secure yet readily available. In the end he paid nearly $80.00 for something which was unsuitable.
The company started out with one clamp to hold shovels, axes and ‘D’ cell torches, and since then have added a additional of sizes to meet a variety of applications.

Quick Fist Clamps are made from ethylene-propylene-non-conjugated diene rubber (EPDM) and the installation instructions show when and where washers are required. Because they are made from a rubber like substance, it is important that they not over tightened.

You can find out more about the Quick Fist Range and the products we have to offer by clicking here. 

Quick Fist Clamps - Trek Overland