Portable Power Ready For The Everyday

BioLite's new line of rechargeable powerbanks are designed for durability and packability. Whether it's taking a tumble at your campsite or surviving spilled coffee on your desk, the Charge Series is ready to power your travels.


IPX6 Waterproof Test Stainless Steel Rounded Edge
Can handle rain or spills
with IPX6 rating
Stainless Steel
Metal housing is thinner and
stronger than plastic casings
Rounded Edge
Makes it easy to slip them
in and out of pockets


Available in 3 Models:

BioLite Charge 10 BioLite Charge 20 BioLite Charge 40
Charge 10 Charge 20 Charge 40
2600 mAh | 1 Phone Charge 5200 mAh | 2 Phone Charges 10400 mAh | 4 Phone Charges


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