We are delighted to announce that we are now a UK dealer for Racksbrax. If you've never heard of Racksbrax, Racksbrax are a Awning Mounting System which allows very quick installation and removal of your awning. Racksbrax is available lockable and non-lockable and is designed to work with most brands of awnings including Darche, ARB, Front Runner and more. 

The HD Hitch works with pull out style awnings whilst the XD Hitch is designed to work with 180 and 270 awnings. 

Racksbrax also manufacture Wall Mounts meaning you can remove your awning from your vehicle to either store or use your awning on a wall at home! Wall Mounts are available for both the HD and XD Hitchs. 

Check out the below videos to see more and check out our current Racksbrax range by clicking here.

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