TentBox Fitted to an Audi Estate

Todays fitting was so quick I barely had time to take any photos of the vehicle whilst it was here! Our customer purchased a TentBox from us for their Land Rover however they turned up in their Audi Estate. For the customer to get the TentBox home we had to temporarily install the tent to the Audi. With Thule roof bars already installed the TentBox was placed on the bars. The brackets were then tightened so the customer could drive the vehicle worry free ready for the TentBox to be removed from the Audi and placed on their Land Rover when they got home. 

Apologies for the lack of images on this one. 

If you would like a TentBox or any Roof Tent shown on our website. Please contact us on +44(0)1751 430 693 or email info@trekoverland.com

Audi Estate Roof Tent - TentBox

Audi Estate Roof Tent - TentBox


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