Volkswagen T6 Transporter Darche Roof Tent

Amongst all the lockdown madness we have managed to squeeze in roof tent fittings. Here's one done today on a Volkswagen T6 Transporter. The customer has had a pair of Summit Roof Bars installed before having a Darche 1600 Hi View fitted on top. The roof top tent has been placed in such a position that the annex rear access door can be opened and the side sliding door can be opened to access the interior of the VW Transporter. If you are looking at taking advantage of the lockdown situation and having a staycation here in the UK, roof tents are a great and convenient way of going camping. They can be fitted to most types of vehicles. We have a huge range of roof bars at our disposal to fit almost any model of car so if you would like any further information regarding the roof bars or roof tents please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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VW Transporter T6 Darche Roof Tent

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